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Brawlament is a small fast-paced local-multiplayer game with a simple goal: Annihilate your friends before they annihilate you. Magic happens within the arena that is randomized each time you play the game. Play free-for-all, in teams or if you are up to the challenge, even 1 vs 3.

The game supports both keyboard and gamepads. Controls:

Keyboard (WASD layout):

WASD - Movement

SPACE - Jumping

E - Shooting

Gamepad (Xbox layout):

Left analog stick - Movement

X - Jumping

B - Shooting

This is a demo version of the game and it does not represent the final product. It consists of 6 variations of the Forest map. The game is in active development and if you want to support us, or just learn more about the game and the development team behind it, check out our Indiegogo campaign:



Brawlament_Demo.rar 314 MB

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